Improving Your Pet’s Function With Segmental Correction

Animal Chiropractic through Segmental Correction is gaining popularity with pet owners as a safe, non-invasive solution to many health issues that face our four legged family members.

Segmental Displacement of the spine is the underlying cause of a myriad of secondary conditions in pets. Slight shifts in the vertebrae can lead to joint dysfunction at that spinal level, which may cause spasm and pain. In addition, there may be irritation of spinal nerves; this may cause dysfunction in the tissues supported by those nerves.

Using gentle Segmental Correction adjustments, animal chiropractic can improve function at the affected spinal levels. With time and better function, protective muscle spasms will naturally decrease, which reduces pain As the spinal biomechanics get better, any nerve irritation also improves, relieving your pet from many secondary conditions.

If you have concerns about the following issues, call (818) 880-0888 and see if animal chiropractic may help:

  • Aging pets with mobility problems
  • Arthritis
  • Acute injuries
  • Your pet no longer jumps on the couch, bed, or into the car
  • Your pet is acting moody or like they’re in pain
  • Your pet is sitting down or laying down with difficulty