Socialization and new experiences are good for stimulating your dog’s cognitive development and quality of life and can also help reduce destructive behaviors in the home.  Our staff is keenly aware of typical behavior problems in pets and at the same time, understands that each pet has his or her own unique personality quirks. We invite active patients of the clinic to stay with us for the day for one-on-one interaction, training, and exercise as well as experience with new situations and other animals.

We invite new patients to stay for a day to get to know our staff and environment to allow them to acclimate so they are more comfortable during regular office appointments.

We request pets who stay for daycare be free of any signs of infectious disease, free of intestinal and external parasites and be up-to-date on vaccinations for the health of your pet and our hospital.

There is limited space per day for daycare. Please call us at (818) 880-0888 for more information and current pricing.