We at Calabasas Animal Clinic aim to help you appreciate the joys of ownership of a pet. Pets can have a wonderful beneficial effect on the health and well-being of the humans who love them. Dogs and cats deserve a safe and comfortable environment, nutritious food, proper exercise and sanitation, and appropriate mental stimulation and affection.We can help you discover the optimal health benefits and deliver helpful preventative care to keep your pet happy and healthy as long as possible.

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Euthanasia Services

Euthanasia may be the most difficult decision you make for your pet. Our compassionate staff understands the difficulty reaching this final decision and strives to assist in any way possible. We offer house calls to decrease stress of transporting your ailing pet. We offer sedation or pain medications if your pet is anxious or painful. Additional services may include cremation with ashes returned in an urn, and pawprint on clay to memorialize your loved one.

Feline Training

Common feline behavioral issues to contend with include urination or defecation outside of the litter box and in abnormal locations, inter-cat aggression, aggression with people or other animals, and destructive behaviors. There may be an underlying medical condition in your cat such as pain or infection causing some of these issues. We offer consultation on possible causes of these abnormal behaviors, full medical evaluations, and treatment and training options that may help alleviate or prevent further problems.

Health Certificates

If your pet is travelling with your or by themselves, he/she may require a Health Certificate. Our veterinarians are accredited and equipped to help you and your pet meet all recommendations to travel safely and minimize stress.

Health Exams

A complete physical exam performed by a qualified professional can show a lot about the health of your furry friend. Combined with the history and clinical signs at home, this physical exam is invaluable in determining the health status of your companion. From eyes, ears, teeth, to heart and lung sounds, to abdominal palpation and coat appearance, our veterinarians are trained and experienced in performing physical exams and can determine from the physical what conditions your pet may be suffering and which approach would best further diagnose and treat your furry friend.

House Calls

Some cats and dogs may get stressed or carsick if they travel to the veterinarian. Our staff may alleviate these issues by making a house call. Please call to see if you are within our service area and if this would be a good option for your pet: (818) 880-0888

Nutritional Counseling & Pet Food

Selecting a pet food is an extremely important decision you make for your pet. You are what you eat. The gut is also a very complex immune organ that confers health to the rest of the body. Calabasas Animal Clinic has knowledge and experience regarding available nutritional needs of your pets and of the nutritional quality of commercially available diets. Learn More>

Obedience Training

Having a dog can be a joy. Having a well-behaved dog is even better. We at Calabasas Animal Clinic have many years of combined experience observing and interacting with dogs and cats and have special knowledge regarding obedience training methods and techniques. Every dog should be trained to be respectful and obedient, and should learn basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Please call for assistance in obedience training: (818) 880-0888

Pre/Post Adoption Counseling

We have experience and knowledge of various personality and health related traits found more commonly in certain breeds of dogs or cats. We offer pre-adoption counseling to discuss your lifestyle and goals in pet ownership to determine which type of animal will likely be the best fit for you. We also offer free first-patient physical exam and consultation if you’ve just acquired your new family member from a local animal shelter. Post-adoption counseling includes discussion of special requirements and considerations for your new family member, and more. Learn More>

Vaccination Counseling & Titers

Our staff can help you decide which vaccinations your pet may benefit from by assessing lifestyle, risk factors, previous vaccine history, age, and to evaluate current titer levels in your pet to develop a vaccination protocol that fits your pets needs and your expectations. Learn More>

Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral problems in dogs and cats are not uncommon and can be frustrating if dealing with them by yourself. Behavioral problems are a leading cause of pets being relinquished to animal shelters. We have knowledge of common behavioral disorders in dogs and cats including inappropriate urination and defecation, fearful behaviors, aggressive behaviors, barking issues, separation anxiety, dog-dog aggression, territorial aggression, and destructive behaviors. We can help you discover why your dog or cat is behaving abnormally and help develop techniques to alleviate these problem behaviors. Please call for a behavioral consultation: (818) 880-0888