Selecting a pet food is an extremely important decision you make for your pet. You are what you eat. The gut is also a very complex immune organ that confers health to the rest of the body. Calabasas Animal Clinic has knowledge and experience regarding available nutritional needs of your pets and of the nutritional quality of commercially available diets. Feeding a nutritionally deficient diet or overfeeding your pet may contribute to poor health issues such as weight gain, musculoskeletal disorders, increased stress on endocrine organs, predisposing to conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. An increased body condition score may also exacerbate cardiovascular disorders, negatively affect organ function, and lead to a shorter lifespan with a decreased quality of life.

If your pet has a diagnosed chronic condition, often times a specific prescription diet recommended by your veterinarian may alleviate some or all of the clinical signs observed and may help get your pet off of chronic medications.

We carry various brands of maintenance and prescription diets for your convenience. Please call to schedule a food consultation and body condition score assessment with the veterinarian: (818) 880-0888