Pre/Post Adoption & Breed Counseling

We have experience and knowledge of various personality and health related traits found more commonly in certain breeds of dogs or cats. We offer pre-adoption counseling to discuss your lifestyle and goals in pet ownership to determine which type of animal will likely be the best fit for you. Things to consider include activity level and exercise requirements, size, hair coat, shedding probability, special grooming requirements, airway disorders, temperature requirements, puppy-proofing your house, screening for common congenital defects, and discussion of personality quirks and behavioral issues more commonly found in certain breeds.

We also offer free first-patient physical exam and consultation if you’ve just acquired your new family member from a local animal shelter. Post-adoption counseling includes discussion of special requirements and considerations for your new family member, discussion of any physical exam abnormalities or congenital defects noted on physical exam, and we offer infectious disease testing if you are concerned with introducing your new pet into a household with animals already present.

Please call for an appointment to discuss pre and post-adoption counseling: (818) 880-0888