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Massage Therapy

Dog standing in plants looking off into the distance
Dog standing in plants looking off into the distance

Massage helps alleviate symptoms of a variety of ailments. Massage helps loosen tightened muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can improve circulation, and assist with lymphatic drainage to help the immune system function optimally. Our staff includes a licensed massage therapist.

Why would my pet need massage therapy?

Veterinary massage therapy could be beneficial to your pet for a number of reasons. This treatment is typically used to help combat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and can be used alongside other forms of treatment. If your pet is suffering from a recent injury, massage therapy could be used as a form of rehabilitation to help boost your pet’s mobility and stimulate healing in the affected areas.

When should I consider massage therapy for my pet?

If your pet is in noticeable discomfort, or just not moving and enjoying life the way that they used to, then massage therapy for your pet might be worth considering. As a popular form of rehabilitation, this treatment has been used to combat orthopedic issues as well as sports-related injuries for the more athletic pet. Additionally, massage therapy has been used to help senior animals who are suffering from a loss of mobility, a natural occurrence of the aging process.

How does massage therapy work?

Your pet will be treated by a pet massage therapist, who is educated on both your pet’s anatomy and their present physical condition. Therapy typically begins with the therapist performing a pain and mobility assessment. During this initial stage, the therapist will also feel for any abnormalities that could be impacting their condition. Once the condition of your pet has been properly assessed, the therapist will begin to treat your pet by massaging the affected areas of their body. The duration of treatment can vary depending on the condition of your pet. It is recommended for your pet to undergo a series of treatments in order to fully benefit and regain their mobility more effectively.