Vaccination Counseling & Titers

Vaccinations are helpful in controlling infectious disease spread in a population and to reduce severity of clinical signs should infection occur. At the same time, some pets may react poorly to vaccination and some severe but rare side effects are possible. It is important to know the risk factors involved and discuss with your veterinarian the best protocol for your pooch or cat.

Our staff can help you decide which vaccinations your pet may benefit from by assessing lifestyle, risk factors, previous vaccine history, age, and to evaluate current titer levels in your pet to develop a vaccination protocol that fits your pets needs and your expectations.

Current research on vaccinations, as well as available products and protocols continue to evolve so our recommendations likewise periodically change.  In addition, each pet’s circumstances and requirements differ, so we recommend regular consultations with your veterinarian to determine the best plan to protect your pets long term health.

Please call for an appointment to discuss your pets vaccination protocols or to discuss obtaining titer levels for serious infectious diseases: (818) 880-0888