Pet Bathing & Grooming

Calabasas Animal Clinic is a one stop shop for your pet’s beauty offering bathing and pet grooming services. We have a Hydrosurge Bathing System. Our bathing and grooming offers exclusive services only available at licensed veterinary establishments including conditioning coat treatments, nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning. We accept special requests and offer a variety of products and techniques to meet your pet’s needs. You may request a tooth brushing during your pet’s spa day.

Call (818) 880-0888 to schedule a spa day for your furry friend!

Anal Gland Expression

Is your pet scooting his butt along the floor? Is your pet licking his rear end? Is there a foul odor coming from him?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or if you are simply curious about what an anal gland is or if your pet needs his expressed, please call (818) 880-0888 to schedule an appointment to discuss this with the veterinarian. Anal Gland Expressions are included with our pet grooming services and are also available as a separate service.


From allergies to lumps to oozing wounds…The integument is an impressive organ that protects the body from outside invaders. Sometimes the skin needs a little help in that regard. We commonly treat disorders of the skin including hair loss, dermatitis, excessive itching, allergies, foxtail removals, abscesses, cysts, lipomas, among others.

Grooming; Specialty & Summer Cuts

Good grooming isn’t just a wonderful way to treat your little friend. At our office here in Calabasas, we focus not only on keeping your pet looking and smelling great but also on improving their long-term health. Whether that means a teeth cleaning, nail trimming, or luxurious bath, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed by our pet grooming services. Find Out More>

Home Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Travelling with pets can be difficult. Our staff offers safe and convenient home pickup and drop-off services for your pet. Call today to schedule an appointment: (818) 880-0888

Medicated Baths, Dips, & De-Skunking

Our staff excels at providing quality grooming services utilizing quality ingredients to our patients. Dogs and cats that stay for grooming leave sleek and smelling great. We offer various medicated baths, dips, and de-skunking baths.

All baths include coat conditioning, blow dry, brush out, nail trimming, anal gland expression, and ear clean. We also offer trims and cuts for the longer coated varieties. Please call to inquire regarding pricing, availability, and scheduling: (818) 880-0888

Nail Trimming

Our staff can help you learn to trim your own pets toenails, trim them for you, or treat broken nails and ingrown nails, as well as address abnormal nail growth disorders. We are able to apply soft paws for use in cats to prevent furniture destruction. Nail trims are included with our grooming services and are also available as a separate service.

Teeth Cleaning

One of the most under-treated chronic conditions we see in pets is dental disease. As in human medicine, oral health care is extremely important in dogs and cats. In addition to the local oral inflammation and pain associated with tooth decay, bacteria that live on the plaque and tarter under the gum line can gain access to the bloodstream and this has been linked to organ dysfunction. To help reduce chances of infection, pain, and organ dysfunction in your pet and to optimize health, we recommend regular dental checkup with the veterinarian and maintenance of a proper cleaning regimen. Learn About Pet Dental Care>