Welcome to the new and improved Calabasas Animal Clinic website

Welcome to the new and improved Calabasas Animal Clinic website. You may have noticed some things have changed around here. We are proud to introduce not only our new website, but our recently renovated and updated hospital. Our reception area, exam rooms, and treatment area have been completely remodeled. We have just purchased a brand new and state-of-the art ultrasound unit and have acquired a completely new in house diagnostic lab equipment. We have also added some amazing doctors (check out their bios on our website) and support staff to our team.

  • Dr. Gary Latos who has been with us the past year
  • Dr. Kelly Watrobski who joined us recently
  • Dr. Jim Wright who practiced at has come back to join the practice
  • Along with our existing doctors at Holistic Veterinary Center: Dr. Linda Mackinnon, Dr. Dody Tyneway and Dr. Jennifer Conrad

We now offer cold laser and acupuncture. We will be working closely with Holistic Veterinary Center to incorporate natural, effective programs to promote health, while focusing on the least invasive interventions possible. We are the premier integrative medicine center in Southern California!

Integrative medicine integrates utilizes Western medicine and holistic modalities to facilitate the best possible outcome for patients. An integrative medicine mindset welcomes less invasive, natural modalities whenever possible as a complement to conventional medicine. Integrative medicine offers a broad approach to traditional medicine and surgery by incorporating modalities such as: Physical therapy/rehabilitation Acupuncture Veterinary Chiropractic Massage Therapy Focus on Nutrition Nutritional Supplements Herbal and Homeopathic medicines Integrative medicine is especially helpful in achieving the best clinical outcomes in chronic diseases, chronic pain, cancer care, and whenever an overall strategy of disease prevention is desired.

Photo: “Ask Ellen”

Come meet us and check out our new hospital today! And be on the lookout for our new blog series – “Ask Ellen”. Ellen, Dr. Tyneway’s adorable border collie puppy, is eager and ready to ask any questions you may have. Ellen will peruse the questions and will very unscientifically paw one out of the pile. She will field questions related to both holistic and Western Medicine and hopefully we can profile some of the patients that visit the clinic as well.

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