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Herbal Medicine

White cat outside hiding behind pink flowers
White cat outside hiding behind pink flowers

Traditional Chinese medicine encompasses several areas under its umbrella of therapy. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet therapy and tuina (Chinese manual therapy) make up the branches of Chinese medicine. They are often combined to optimize healing.

Acupuncture: Through the insertion of specialized needles, acupuncture is a treatment that focuses on the stimulation of points. Acupuncture points usually lie along the body's Meridian Channels, which are transposed from humans to animals, although there is some knowledge of "classical points" on particular species.

Herbal Medicine: Herbal ingredients are used to treat disease patterns in the form of pills, capsules or even powder.

Diet Therapy: Diets are used to treat and prevent imbalance within the body.

Tuina: A form of Chinese massage where manipulations are applied to points and Meridian Channels to promote circulation and correct imbalances.

Herbal medicine is a form of complementary, holistic therapy and is used best when mixed with Western practices. Western medicine typically involves modern technology, powerful medication and treatments, and updated procedures that herbal medicine does not. This is why they work so well together, taking the strongest points from each theory to create an effective therapy practice.